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The NW Material Show - Portland 2023

February 20, 2023
swatchbook attends the 2023 Material Show in Portland, Oregon

You don't want to miss this! 

swatchbook is hitting up The NW Materials Show in Portland this year and our Chief business Development Officer Jason will be bringing the heat on the 1st and 2nd of March 😎

We can't wait to showcase our digital material sourcing and management innovations alongside some of the industry's brightest stars!

The Material Show is THE spot to connect with like-minded professionals, soak up game-changing insights and flex your material design muscle 🦾

At swatchbook, we believe that material design is where it's at and we're all about equipping our clients with the tools they need to create jaw-dropping, sustainable products 🌿💥 and we're amped to demonstrate its power and efficiency at The NW Material Show!

Come #1020 and see for yourself! We're confident that we can level up your material design process and help you create the kind of products that turn heads 👀

Make sure to stop by and see what's up! 

More info about The NW Material Show: