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The world’s first & largest 3D fashion design collaboration platform
Intuitive, intelligently designed apps for material sourcing and management, exploration, design and visualization combined with real-time analytics that are fundamentally changing the way brands collaborate with their supply chain - anywhere, anytime, on any device.
"marketplace" being used to source quality digital materials. Powered by suppliers from around the world.
"library" being used to manage, organize, visualize and share assets.
mis being used to generate endless design options.
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Manage your organization’s assets. Organize, categorize, set permissions, communicate, collaborate and share.

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A thumbnail in a spreadsheet shouldn’t be how you visualize materials. Instead, your visual senses will be engaged.

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Our marketplace is the source of truth for quality digital materials. Powered by suppliers from around the world.

Less samples. Less waste. Less time. Faster to market!

Why should you care?

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Real materials

Explore real materials, in all their realness, From real suppliers across the globe.
Anytime, anywhere!

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A platform that brings brands and suppliers together with complete transparency. Designed with the creative folks in mind.

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Time & money

Finally the digital tools needed to inspect & select the physical samples you want to work with.

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Eliminate waste & inefficiency in the design, sourcing & production process. Without compromising visuals or quality.

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Customizable user experience on desktop and mobile! Our holistic cloud-mobile experience works both online & offline.

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ML learning, trend data, deep learning. These tools help evolve your process, a step forward towards circular economy.

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Our clients

swatchbook is used by leading brands, designers and suppliers from around the world. Here are some of them.
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