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swatchbook for mobile & tablet

Enjoy the full swatchbook experience with a few extra perks. Capture to manufacture, visual search,1:1 display and AR visualization are some of the extra fun features to enjoy on mobile! *

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Android app to browse through cloud library and cloud marketplace enabling cloud sourcing of textiles and materials
* Features and content depend on subscription type.
Digital fabric at your fingertips aiding with digital design and virtual material development.

swatchbook mix

mix is the new a next generation rapid product design & visualization application focused on:
-user friendly workflows & experiences.
-powerful machine learning guided backend infrastructure
-mobile optimized high-end visualization engine-real materials & manufacturable product configurations.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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mix. A design tool to create endless 3D designs, design collaboration,  recolor materials, design in augmented reality, and develop material colorways on the fly.