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swatchbook releases mix 2.2

October 3, 2022

It’s time for the “variant” reveal!

Welcome to the hottest thing in #digital mixing… mix 2.2! 

Our #mix 2.2 improvement is downright awesome! Not only does it touch mix, but also includes fundamental workflow improvements to swatchbook as well!

The new features are so cool, you're gonna be on the edge of your seat!  Here’s what our swatchbook team is giving you:

Ability to share variants

You can directly share your beautifully synced mix variants with anyone that has a swatchbook subscription. That’s because we’ve built a way to make it easier than ever to get feedback from the people that matter most – your community.

Ability to view a variant with or without a mix license

Got a swatchbook subscription but no mix license? No problem! You’ll now be able to view a variant that is shared with you in #3D as well as in #AR using our variant viewer!

And because we know a line of products can get overwhelming, the team made sure to design a dedicated space inside of the mix app that will host the variants that are shared with you. This way, shared variants won’t overlap with the mix projects you have created, if you’re running on a full mix license.

Ability to lock variants to “view mode” only

For our lovely #mixologists (aka: fully licensed mix users), you can now mute the authoring tools and just enjoy the views of your mixes and variants.  Simply press and hold the mix button for 3 seconds until the blue circle closes, and away you go!  To unlock, press and hold again.

Applied Materials On Shared Variants

It's easy to identify which swatches have been used on a shared variant. 

When you select a part on the 3D asset, the swatch roll and name will appear.

Recoloring Methods

Sometimes it's difficult to get exactly the results you want from recoloring, but now you have greater control over how a change in a color affects the swatch.

"We wanted to give designers control when recoloring, so they could create variations of their original designs & tweak design details without having to restart from scratch— all in one intuitive app without compromising the elegance & feel of their 3D asset." - Renata Abeda, Head of Design

These new settings are maintained across the entire swatchverse, so wherever you are - mix or swatchbook - you'll get the same great results every time.

Improved Color Wheel

The color wheel was already an awesome UI, but for mix 2.2, we've made it a little bit awesome-er!  We’ve separated the colors by collections, making it easier to interact with.  Minor tweaks for a polished experience!

Improvements To The User Interface and User Experience 

In our ongoing effort to create a flawless user experience, we've pushed some pixels and rounded some corners.  We hope you appreciate them as much as we do!

“mix 2.2 takes design configuration to the next level. Not only can you recolor any material in real-time, but you can also share your designs with anyone who subscribed to the swatchbook platform. Meaning that not only can they see the rendered variants and vBom, but can also experience those in real time in mix on the iPad - all free of charge! ” - Thomas Teger, Co-Founder & CPO

Download mix and get started!

Select, compare, enjoy!