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swatchbook introduces “mix” for iPad Pro

November 30, 2020
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For immediate release 

swatchbook introduces “mix” for iPad Pro

A next generation visualization and design application for the fashion industry connecting design, production and retail

Irvine, CA, December 1, 2020 -  swatchbook, inc today announced the release of mix, a next generation 3D design, configuration and visualization application designed for iPad Pro. The release of this application marks another significant milestone in the company’s history of developing revolutionary tools and applications for the fashion industry, allowing for realtime use and insights of digital materials provided by mills and tanneries on the swatchbook platform. 

Swatchbook mix takes advantage of the latest iOS for iPad developments, along with the incredible compute power of iPad Pro.

In addition, swatchbook inc has been working with OTOY, makers of the industry leading spectrally correct GPU renderer, OctaneRender®, to connect the company’s revolutionary distributed GPU cloud-rendering platform RNDR® directly to mix.

“mix is an amazing tool to develop new designs based on materials and seasonal colors”, said John Burch, Senior Vice President of Product for Merrell, a Wolverine Worldwide brand. “To be able to explore hundreds of designs and color combinations in full 3D and AR in a matter of seconds is a tremendous boost to our creative process. With the ability to output a virtual Bill of Material and renderings for every variant mix is the first tool to connect creative, production, and retail - and that all from a mobile device.”

How it works

mix is connected to the swatchbook platform where all materials, assets and results are hosted. A wizard-like user interface lets the user select the 3D asset, pick collections of materials, set up rules including pricing and sustainability scores. Once completed, mix calculates the first 16 combinations based on the given inputs.

While random at first, mix has embedded powerful machine learning which establishes a user’s design profile based on liked and disliked designs. This “mixing” process can be repeated until all combinations are exhausted or enough design alternatives have been explored.

Any combination of materials, also called “variant”, can be viewed in full 3D, rendered photo-realistically utilizing swatchbook’s real materials, and also sent to be rendered in the cloud for final photographic images

The use of ARKit 3 allows the user to see any variant in lifelike scale in AR. Variants can also be explored in AR mode with a simple click of a button without having to leave the AR environment.

A powerful platform using touch

While all assets are stored in swatchbook’s cloud platform, everything selected for the “mix” is downloaded onto the iPad Pro. This allows users to work anywhere at any time, without concern of lack of internet connections. Utilizing the compute power of iPad Pro, mix can work with the largest assets without any slowdown. Using iPad Pro’s touch interface allows designers to interact with 3D objects in unprecedented ways, giving the impression of directly “touching” the model.

Machine Learning and designer input

Mix offers the best of both worlds where the user can use the machine to suggest design combinations of materials with the option to manually refine the design. All design decisions from liking to disliking designs, to manually editing are captured to help build the designer’s profile. For any new design the user can determine how much influence the machine should have over the design.

Real time pricing and sustainability scores

mix is the first design application that allows pricing and sustainability scores to be an integral part of the design process, rather than an afterthought. In working with real materials that contain this information from the supplier, mix will automatically price the design based on the amount of materials used and additional meta-data stored with the asset, as well as calculate the overall sustainability score. As materials on the design change, both price and sustainability score update in realtime. If the material information changes from the supplier, it will be instantly updated on the design as well.

Ready for manufacturing

Every variant a designer creates will contain a virtual Bill of Material (vBOM). This vBOM can be directly imported into PDM and PLM through swatchbook’s restAPI, and shared with factories for production.

Photographic cloud-rendering directly from the iPad

Powered by OTOY’s revolutionary distributed cloud-rendering offering RNDR, any variant that has been created can be rendered in photographic quality for design reviews, sales and merchandise collateral, and e-commerce. With the push of a button mix sends the variant to the cloud and returns images from 10 pre-defined angles as well as a turntable animation. No further user interaction is needed. 


Using Apple’s USDz file format, users can work with large data sets in the most efficient way. Variants can be shared through the USDz file format and the swatchbook restAPI with 3rd party rendering applications or retail and e-commerce platforms for further processing.

Storing it all in swatchbook

Swatchbook’s material platform serves as the powerful backbone which stores assets in addition to all materials. With the ability to store the original 3D asset, and the automatically converted USDz asset, colors, graphics, and all mix results and variants, swatchbook is the ultimate digital asset management platform built for creatives.

“mix marks the beginning of a new generation of visualization applications”, says Yazan Malkosh, CEO of swatchbook. “It is an important piece of the puzzle that connects suppliers, factories and brands throughout the entire product development process all the way to retail. All this would not be possible without the core of swatchbook: materials as a single source of truth.”


Swatchbook mix benefits are countless. The main benefits are as follows:

More design iterations in less amount of time

Mix generates hundreds of color and material combinations in seconds. 

Physical sample reduction of up to 75%

Being able to visualize new designs in 3D and AR, brands can reduce the dependency of physical samples by up to 75%. Using digital iterations of existing materials provided suppliers further reduces the need for unnecessary color sample runs for materials.

Cost and sustainability built in

Designers know from the beginning whether their designs are inside their cost and sustainability parameters, thus enabling a much more streamlined development process from the beginning.

Ready for manufacturing

Every design variant contains a vBOM which can be used directly for manufacturing utilizing accurate materials informations and associated quantities.

Capturing design trends

All design decisions made by designers are recorded and while be made available to the brands in realtime. This powerful capability is currently under development and is planned for release later this year.

Pricing and availability

Swatchbook mix is immediately available as an add-on to all swatchbook subscribers for an additional fee directly from the App-Store.

Learn more

To learn more about swatchbook mix, as well as swatchbook’s latest offerings and capabilities please visit

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