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March 1, 2021
It is time - this past weekend it has happened! The first major update of 2021 is coming this weekend. And it is all about visualization and data prep.

Yes - it finally happened. This past weekend! The first major update of 2021. And it is all about Visualization and Data Prep. Read on to learn more.

Let’s start with Visualization 

Over the last several months the team at swatchbook has worked hard on making our representation of materials even better than it was. This was largely fueled by you giving us constant feedback, as well as some of the new technologies that became available. And as we are expanding our platform and applications we needed to make sure that we consolidated our approach to material visualization to achieve a consistent look throughout desktop and mobile. 

The results are absolutely STUNNING. So what did we do? Here is the list:

The drape is gone - one of the most hotly contested items in swatchbook was the drape rendering of the materials. We replaced it an all new, consistent 10cm x 10cm swatch display, clearly showing the scale of material. This is the first step in our massive UI overhaul planned for 2021.

Original drape vs new swatch representations for materials

All new shaders - materials now look better, richer, crisper, even more real.

Support for new material types - Fashion is our passion. But we have more and more clients serving other industries. After all, swatchbook is a platform for every industry. And that's why we offer now customized representations for any type of material.

All new, customized representations for various material types

All new AxF support -  we improved and expanded our support for AxF from Xrite, not just for final rendered images.

All new realtime shader - The new shaders including AxF also made it into realtime. This is by far our best realtime representation ever.  Even on mobile and also in mix. And look at those AxF materials. Simply the best.

All new cloud render service - as we expanded our partnership with OTOY we are switching material render to RNDR. This switch allows us to render more materials in shorter amount of time. And it is FREE for all subscribers. Did we mention it was FREE?

Removed GL preview - now that rendering is fast and free, we don’t see the need for low quality rendering to give you a preview when you first upload a new material. This is now gone, and materials will only be displayed fully rendered.

Product and swatch render through OCTANE vs. realtime view

What are the next steps:

  • Starting next week, any new material that will be uploaded will be rendered using the new shader, scenes, and service.
  • We will also start to re-render all materials displayed in the marketplace. This will remove the drape, and put the new swatch display as main thumbnail
  • For those of you who wish to re-render their materials, you can do so on your own, or contact us for help at

We also did a lot of work around data prep

The goal for us is to make it super-simple for designers to get their designs into swatchbook mix and start using it. Here is what we did:

All new upload function - you will now be able to see the orientation of the model, a breakdown of the parts inside the model, and get a thumbnail image of your model

Automated part naming - your 3D artist may have not named the parts at all. No worry, we do this for you so you can use the model right away inside mix.

Automatic UV mapping - we can create or at least improve the uv maps in your model. Once again this removes the extra step layout UVs perfectly and lets you get to work right away.

Excited? Then log into swatchbook right now and experience for yourself. For questions and comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at