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Coloro and swatchbook partner to combine color with material intelligence

April 29, 2021
Coloro and swatchbook partner to combine color with material intelligence. whether it is color matching in mills or factory our color digitalization hub has got you covered.

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Coloro and swatchbook partner to combine color with material intelligence

3,500 Coloro colors inside swatchbook ready to use 

Irvine, CA, New York, NY, Shanghai, China, April 29, 2021 -  swatchbook, inc. today announced that it has partnered with Coloro, provider of a unique 1.6 million color system, including a standard library of 3,500 colors for footwear and apparel paired with color-management and color intelligence solutions.

The goal of this partnership is to build an industry-first fully integrated, intelligent material and color system allowing fabric suppliers, tanneries, material developers and designers to design and develop materials with accurate color description and feasibility in all digital form.

“This is a natural partnership as Coloro and swatchbook share a future forward approach to more sustainable product development supported by digital data and visualization. Integrating the Coloro standard library into swatchbook’s platform gives users the ability to visualize two critical elements of product design - color and materials - more accurately in 3D,” says Coloro International Managing Director, Sansan Chen.

Detlev Pross, Chief Strategy Officer at Coloro HQ in Shanghai adds: “Our partnership with Swatchbook documents the unique benefit Coloro created as the first intelligent color system, connecting Swatchbook’s unique material data and 3D applications with the unique ID of each color provided through the Coloro System and data, together allowing precise visual and technical specification and color analysis in design and material development and application.”

coloro colors insides swatchbook
All 3,500 Coloro colors are now available inside swatchbook - on any device

By integrating swatchbook’s digital material and Coloro’s color design and knowledge platforms users will have the ability to design new material and color combinations right the first time, by validating feasibility and accuracy in all digital form, thus eliminating long lead times and reducing cost and waste in dyeing and production.

“Partnering with Coloro and being able to provide accurate Coloro color standards to swatchbook users gives both material as well as apparel and footwear designers the next level of digitals tools they need to create new designs with absolute confidence”, says Yazan Malkosh, Founder and CEO of swatchbook. “These new designs provide both visual accuracy, feasibility and manufacturing information inside swatchbook, the single source of truth, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device.” 

An unprecedented combination right at your fingertips 

Using the swatchbook material platform as well as swatchbook mix to develop new material and color combinations on latest product lines will provide designers with an unprecedented digital toolset in 3D, even on mobile, without the need of any expert knowledge.

Combining this knowledge platform with real materials coming from suppliers will allow everyone involved in the design and product development process work with accurate colors and materials and the confidence of a manufacturable result. This will significantly reduce design and production cycles, while dramatically improving the sustainability aspects of the entire development process by reducing unnecessary waste of materials and energy. 

material recolor
Designer can pick any material and any Coloro color, and re-color the material instantly

Key features

Key features include:

  • all 3,500 Coloro standard colors available to every swatchbook subscriber - brand as well as supplier
  • Create your own season color palettes to share with team and supplier
  • Include Coloro colors as part of your digital material
  • Re-coloring of existing materials using seasonal color palettes
  • AI enabled search of closest colors and materials

The future

Coloro has spent years in developing their unique system reflecting human color vision and building an extensive knowledge base of analyzing color in the context of feasibility, dye-ability and sustainability for different materials and processes. The goal is to offer a fully integrated application and knowledge system that will provide the necessary information to designers at design-time, rather than after the fact as it is standard today. 


Coloro colors are immediately available to all swatchbook subscribers by simply logging into their user account. All Coloro colors are identified by their unique 7-digit code which makes it easy to find the color you are looking for. Search by Coloro codes for colors and materials is also automatically enabled.

About Coloro

Coloro is the future of color. A unique and material independent system of 1.6 million color codes, including beautifully designed color tools for creatives, backed with a technically sound approach, providing the product design sector the freedom to create and execute color with total confidence. Coloro offers physical and digital products, drawing from an extensive standard library of 3,500 contemporary colors and expert advisory services plus premium custom color development. For more information, visit 

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